Alphabet Flash Card Activities & Freebie

Do you have a preschooler or toddler at home that is ready to learn the alphabet? Then you’ll love all of these easy ways that you can use alphabet flash cards to help your child learn. With tons of creative, no-stress ways to make learning the letters fun, your child will have a head start on reading in no time! I’ve even included a link to an alphabet flash card free printable! 

You can of course use alphabet flash cards the way they were originally intended where you “flash” the card at your preschooler and they tell you what letter the card is showing. This method is an excellent way to review the alphabet with your child, but it’s not the only way that you can use them.

There is always a place for flash cards in the life of a homeschooler and also for school review at home, especially for new learners, or as a refresher after a school break. 

Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Alphabet activities and games are a dime a dozen on the internet. It can be hard to wade through all of the options to find something that will work for your family. That’s why I’ve done the work for you and gathered together some of my favorite ideas from around the web.

These are tried and true alphabet activities that will help your child learn their letters in a fun and creative way.

Alphabet Matching Game

One of the best ways to use alphabet flash cards is in a letter matching game. This is a great activity for kids who are just starting to learn their letters, as well as those who need a little extra practice. To play, simply lay out all of the cards face down.

Then, have your child take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the letters on the cards match, they can keep the cards and take another turn. If not, they should flip the cards back over and try again.

This game can be played with any number of players and is a great way to review letters in a fun way. If you have more than one child learning their letters, you can even make it a competition to see who can get the most matches!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Another great way to use alphabet flash cards is in an alphabet scavenger hunt. This is a great activity for kids who are already familiar with their letters and are ready for a challenge.

To play, simply hide the alphabet flash cards around your house or yard. Then, have your child go on a hunt to find them all. As they find each card, they should bring it back to you and identify the letter.

This activity is a great way to review letters while also getting some exercise! If you have more than one child playing, you can make it a competition to see who can find all of the cards the quickest.

Target Shooting

Tape some of your alphabet flash cards to the wall and let your child shoot nerf darts at them. When they hit a letter they must say the name of the letter and you can take that one down.

The game is over when they have successfully named the whole alphabet! 

There are several ways you can use this activity to help with letter recognition. For example, you can also call a letter out and have them identify it by shooting the card or shoot the letters in order. How about spelling out common words for their age or grade level?

Don’t have a Nerf gun? Throwing a soft item like a bean bag or foam ball will also get the job done.

Play Dough Letters

Place your alphabet flash cards on a baking sheet and have your preschooler form the letters out of play dough. This is a fun twist on simply tracing the letters. You will probably want to laminate your free printable ABC flashcards before this activity. 

You could also grab a set of play dough alphabet cards if you prefer.

Alphabet Jumping Game

Spread a set of animal alphabet cards out on the floor, leaving some space in between them. Call out a letter and have your preschooler jump onto the letter you have called out. You can also see if they can think of another animal that starts with that letter. 

Alphabet Go Fish

You will need the free printable alphabet flash cards in upper and lower case for this game. Mix the upper and lower letter case flash cards together and deal each player 5 to 7 cards. Then take turns asking, “Do you have the letter D?” and so on until all of the cards are matched in pairs. 

A is for…

Take your dinosaur alphabet cards and shuffle them and place them face down in a “draw” pile. Take turns with your preschooler picking a card, naming the letter that is on it, and saying something that starts with that letter. 

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ABC Order

Once your preschooler has a pretty good handle on the letters of the alphabet they might be ready for a more challenging game.

Shuffle all of your alphabet picture cards making sure that they are completely out of order. Now let your preschooler pick a card from the pile, tell you the letter, and put them on the floor in ABC order. 

Alphabet flash cards are a fun, inexpensive, and portable way to keep your kids learning from anywhere. Going on a road trip or a plane ride? Throw some flash cards in your bag.

Waiting around in the pediatrician’s office or carpool line? Pull out your a to z alphabet flash cards. They are a great quiet activity that you can use with your preschooler just about anywhere! 

What’s your favorite way to use alphabet flash cards? Share in the comments!

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