DIY Apple Jar Craft

There’s something that is just so adorably cute about mini mason jars and the creative crafts that you can make with them. That is why you are going to love these apple jars! This fall apple craft is easy to make and so pretty once they are complete. 

Mason Jar Crafts

If you are looking for some fun mason jar crafts to make, then you have to check out this super cute apple jar DIY. It’s our favorite easy glass jar painting project we like to do for back to school season each year.

These mini mason jars are so much fun for kids to paint and decorate. Plus, they make the perfect addition to any fall décor.

Apple Jar Ideas

This cute craft is perfect for a teacher’s gift. Teachers love practical gifts and this one is cute enough to display as well! 

You could use this as a welcome back to school or end-of-the-school-year gift. It could also be a Christmas teacher gift or a teacher appreciation present.

If anyone deserves our appreciation it’s teachers! After all, they aren’t just educating your pride and joy, but a whole room full of other parents’ kids as well! 

Filling Your Painted Mason Jar

As you can see the jar made here was filled with pencils, and teachers definitely need extra pencils! With the kids losing theirs all of the time, there never seems to be enough to go around!

There are other items you could fill the tiny mason jar or add on something to complete the gift as well. Here a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Individually wrapped pieces sour apple Jolly Ranchers candy
  • Coffee shop gift card
  • A cute apple-themed notebook
  • Paperclips or other small school supply
  • Folded pieces of paper with words of encouragement on them
  • Colorful pens for grading work
  • A packet of seeds and a small watering can
  • Apple-flavored tea bags
  • Apple cider packets

These are just a few ideas, but I am sure you can come up with plenty more! After all, you know your teacher’s style and what they would love to receive better than anyone.

Now that we have some great ideas for how to fill our apple mason jars, let’s start crafting!

photo of mini mason jars in their original wrapping

How to Make a Painted Apple Jar

To get started, you might need to pick up some mini mason jars if you don’t already have some, but the other craft materials for this project are things that you probably already have on hand.

You’ll need red and green acrylic paint, some cardstock or green construction paper to cut your leaves out of, some twine, unsharpened pencils or whatever item you plan to fill the jar with. 

This beautiful apple mason jar craft is fairly simple to put together. You will need some clean, dry mini mason jars and a little bit of time.

One mini mason jar, a bottle of red paint, and a paintbrush on a flat surface.

The jar itself will be painted with red paint and will likely take multiple coats that will need to dry completely in between each one.

If you want your “apple” to look shiny once the red paint has covered the jar and is completely dry you can add a coat or two of mod podge. This can help your jar to last longer without the paint flaking off so that you or its recipient can use it for years to come. 

Painted apple jar with green construction paper leaves, holding pencils.

Are you going to make some of these adorable apple mason jar crafts to share? They are such a great way to show your appreciation to teachers, family, neighbors, and anyone else who is an apple or mason jar craft lover.

You could even make some apple jars to sell at a local craft fair during the fall season! Do you have any other ideas about what you could put inside of these apple-themed mason jars or a way to display them? Share them in the comments!

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Pinterest graphic with a photo of an apple jar made from a mason jar and holding pencils. The words on the photo read, "Painted apple mason jar craft."

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