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Bat Painted Rock Craft

Are you looking for a fun Halloween craft that kids of all ages will love that you can easily complete in an afternoon? Then you will love this painted rock bat craft. This craft is easy to put together and preschoolers, older kids, and even adults will have fun with this spooky bat craft!

You can never have enough Halloween crafts or decorations and this easy bat craft is both! This would be a perfect classroom or homeschool Halloween craft, and you could even use it as an activity at a Halloween party that your young guests could take home with them as a party favor! 

Black bat rock sitting on a white granite counter

Painted Rock Crafts

These painted rock bats only require a few simple supplies, and outside of the rocks themselves, you may already have everything you need. If not, you can easily pick them up from your local craft or dollar store.

So here are the supplies that you will need: 1-2” rocks (one for each bat craft you plan to make), paint brushes, black acrylic paint, googly eyes, magnets, black and white paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. 

Black bat craft pieces and rock sitting on a wood and white table

The first step will be to paint your rock black for the bat’s body. If you do this first then the bat rock can be drying while you prepare the rest of what you need to complete the craft. If you would like you can also add a coat of Mod Podge to your bat rock to keep the paint from chipping and to make it look a bit shinier.

Preschoolers or younger children may need a little help with other parts of this craft, but they should definitely be able to paint the rock black on their own. 

Black bat craft pieces and rock sitting on a wood and white table

While you are waiting for the black paint to dry for your bat’s body, you can go ahead and cut your fangs out of the white construction paper, and your bat wings out of the black construction paper. Once the paint on your rock is completely dry you are ready to make your bat. 

Glue your bat fangs to the bottom of the painted rock, and your googly eyes to the middle of the painted rock. Glue your construction paper wings to the back of your rock, and if you like a magnet to the center of the back of the rock so you can stick it on the refrigerator for a fun Halloween decoration. 

Black bat rock sitting in front of a white pumpkin

Easy Bat Craft

You could also use these painted bat rocks as table decorations for a Halloween party, or to put out alongside your other crafty Halloween creations. They would look adorable on a fireplace mantle or shelf and since they have magnets you could also stick them to an outdoor light fixture on your porch to spook your trick or treaters! 

This easy bat craft is a lot of fun to make and they will look great around your home to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday. Use them on the fridge to make your refrigerator look spooktacular, or as a table decoration for your next Halloween bash! The kids will love that you are using their Halloween bat crafts to celebrate. 

Not ready to paint your rock? Pin the image below to your Halloween crafts Pinterest board so it’s easy to find when you need it!

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