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The Best Children’s Books About Pigs (Free Printable Activity)

When it comes to farm animals, one of the most fun and interesting to learn about are pigs. Whether your child loves pigs or you’re diving into your farm animals theme, these are some of the best children’s books about pigs. Add one or several to your reading time for an oinking good time!

Using Books with a Unit Study on Pigs

One way to make learning about farm animals and pigs more fun is by reading some excellent books on the subject. These pig books will engage and entertain your little ones while they learn about these amazing creatures.

Take a few minutes to read through the book before you read it aloud to your preschooler to get an idea of any fun ideas you can incorporate into your unit study on pigs.

Print out this printable 3 Little Pigs finger puppets PDF to use with the books and bring the story to life.

Pig Facts for Kids

Did you know that pigs are actually one of the smartest animals on the farm? They are very good at problem solving and have been known to figure out how to open gates and even escape their pens!

Pigs are also very clean animals. They will wallow in the mud to keep cool and protect their skin from the sun, but they actually don’t like being dirty. Isn’t that funny?

They are also very social creatures that enjoy the company of others. When pigs are happy, they will let out a loud oink and wag their tails just like a dog does when it is wagging its tail!

Now that you know some fun facts about pigs, let’s dive into our list of the best children’s books about pigs. These 17 stories are perfect for your next farm animal unit study!

Pig Books for Kids

Whether you’re looking for pig books for toddlers or pig books for preschoolers, this list has you covered! These are some of the best kids pig book choices for kids 2-5 years old.

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The Three Little Pigs

This is a traditional tale that has been written and rewritten many times & passed down for generations. The original story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf is one that every child should know.

In this version, the three little pigs are building new homes and must outwit the wolf in order to stay safe from his giant teeth and his big appetite.

The wolf cries, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!” But the clever little pigs outsmart him every time. Will the wolf ever catch the three little pigs?

This is a great story to read aloud and get the kids involved with the familiar chants. You’ll also love our free 3 little pigs printable to take the book a step further.

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

This is a fun story that follows a little girl who gives a pig a pancake. But once the pig has the pancake, she wants more! The pig asks for syrup, then applesauce, then ice cream, and so on.

Before long, the little girl’s house is full of animals and she is running out of food!

This is a hilarious story that your kids will love. And it also teaches them about giving too much of something can sometimes be a bad thing.

Pigs in a Pickle by Hans Wilhelm

In this board book story, a group of pigs find themselves in a pickle every time they try to do something. Instead of getting down or giving up, the silly pigs work to figure things out in a series of silly events.

With rhyming text, this fun book reminds toddlers and preschoolers about not giving up. The try and try again attitude the piggies have remind all of us that it’s okay not to be perfect or get things right the first time.

This is a great interactive book that’s perfect for family story time. Bring the story to life by printing out this free printable three little pigs cut out and using it to entertain the kids while you read.

Dream Big, Little Pig!: An Inspiring Figure Skating Book by Kristi Yamaguchi

In this story, Poppy the pig loves to skate. She works hard to achieve her goals and follows her dreams, no matter what anyone else says.

This is a great book for little girls who have big dreams. It’s perfect for aspiring figure skaters or anyone who loves to skate. The gorgeous illustrations make it a book kids will want to read again and again.

Pig’s Big Feelings by Kelly Bourne

This is a great book for teaching kids about emotions, something that can be really hard to understand. The pictures are really sweet and the storyline is easy to follow.

With 30 targeted words about feelings, your young child will be able to articulate their feelings better after hearing this special book.

Happy Pig Day by Mo Willems

Happy Pig Day is about a pig who is very excited about the day to celebrate pigs. He does all sorts of fun things to prepare, but no one seems to know what it is that he’s celebrating. 

In the end, it turns out that they were all celebrating pigs without knowing it!

This book is perfect for anyone who loves pigs, or anyone who loves a celebration. It’s a fun and unique way to show how special pigs are, and how they can bring joy to everyone around them.

Peppa’s Pizza Party by  Rebecca Potters

Peppa and her friends are having a pizza party! They make their own pizzas and then have a contest to see who can eat the most. 

George is determined to win, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew. 

This children’s book series about a pig are all great for preschoolers. This book specifically is perfect for anyone who loves pizza or Peppa Pig.  Pair it with a pizza making family activity to make the story come to life.

This pizza shop play set is a great pretend play activity to entertain the kids or to play together.

Cam the Pig on a Farm So Big: Farm Animals Bedtime Story by Shelly Rollins

Cam the Pig is on a farm with so many animals. This book is a fun and adorable bedtime story for kids. 

Shelly Rollins captures the innocence and imagination of childhood in this charming tale. 

Your young reader will explore life on the farm through the eyes of a brave pig who loves everything about the farm!

How to Use Books About Pigs to Teach Kids

Pig books are a great way to teach kids about various topics, such as farms, animals, and food. Here are some tips on how to use these books in the classroom or at home:

Read Alouds

A great way to encourage a love for reading is to use read aloud pig books for circle time for the entire class or a small group of children. This is a great way to introduce the book and engage the kids. If your child can read, you can also have them read some of the book or specific words to you! 

Book Discussions

After reading the book, lead a discussion with your kids. Ask them questions about the book and what they learned.

Questions like “how did it make you feel when,” or “what do you think pig should do,” are great ways to get little minds thinking.

Farm Visits

If possible, take the kids on a field trip to a local farm. This will help bring the book to life and allow them to see pigs up close. It’s a great way to find out where pigs live, what the eat, and what kind of noises they make from someone who spends time with them every day.

Alternate idea: A petting zoo is a fun way to spend the day if you’re not able to get to a farm.

Pig Projects

Assign various pig-themed projects for your preschooler to work on. This could include drawing a picture of a pig, doing a pig story reenactment with finger puppets, or creating a pig with playdoh.

There are even free pig activities that you can print out and complete with your child to encourage learning. Grab your free copy of our 3 Little Pigs set to use to set up your own scene from the popular story.

Fun Pig Facts

Have your child do a little research and find out some fun facts about pigs. This could be presented during family time, made into a poster or lapbook, or even just talk about the fun facts at dinner.

Scroll up to discover a few fun facts I shared already about pigs! 

Pig Crafts

There are tons of pig crafts out there that kids will love. You can find instructions for various projects online or in craft books. You can also get creative and make up your own pig crafts! 

Pig Games

There are also many pig-themed games that kids can play. These could be board games, video games, or even just simple farm themed printable games.

Pig Songs

There are many fun pig songs out there that kids will love. You can find plenty of pig songs on YouTube! 

In fact, you may be surprised as to how many songs out there are about pigs.

Books about pigs are a great way to teach kids about farms, animals, and food. By using these tips, you can help your students learn about these topics in a fun and engaging way.

These are just a few of the best children’s books about pigs that work well for circle time, bedtime stories, or to accompany your homeschool lessons.

Do you have a favorite pig book that we didn’t mention? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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