Organize with a Christmas Gift Planner

The Christmas season is a time of year filled with carols, time spent with family and friends, and oh-so-many delicious desserts! But what about organizing and keeping track of your family’s Christmas wish lists? Handle the holidays like a pro with this helpful Christmas gift planner!

This adorable printable planner has everything you need to make sure your gift-giving is stress-free so you can kick back and enjoy a glass of egg nog knowing everyone’s must-have gift is bought, wrapped, and under the tree!

How to Make a Christmas Wish List

Make Christmas wish lists a fun family activity by gathering all the Black Friday ads for toy stores and other shops that would interest your family to look through for Christmas wish list ideas.

Make a cup of cocoa filled to the brim with marshmallows, turn on some cheerful Christmas carols and make dreaming of Christmas a party! It’s a holiday tradition the whole family will love!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Once the printable pages are filled out, keep your kids’ wish lists on hand in a binder that you keep all your Christmas printables in! When family members ask what the kids want, make a color copy and send it to Grandma. No more stressing- it’s all right there in black and white (and maybe some red and green) and easy to share.

Christmas Gift Planner

Real talk for a minute… keeping track of gift ideas, Christmas lists, what was bought for who, and oh my goodness did I spend the same amount on each kid is enough to take the joy out of the holiday season.

Don’t let it! Get organized with helpful pages that you can download an print today to start the Christmas season off right (or get it on track if you’re already frustrated).

The Christmas Gift Planner includes:

  • A full color cover page that’s easy to slip into the front pocket of a binder
  • A Christmas gift organizer and checklist to plan out your budget, what you’re buying, where to find the gift, the price of the present and check boxes to remind you which items have been bought and wrapped already.
  • A creative Christmas wish list page that encourages kids to not only ask for toys, but something to wear and read. There’s also a special spot to list a few favorite things for anyone who wants to buy something not on the list that your kiddo will love.
  • An adorable Dear Santa page for kids to write a note to the Jolly Ol’ St. Nick. Mail a copy and keep one in your files as a keepsake!
  • A full page of cute print and cut stickers that you can use for gift wrapping, sealing Santa’s letter, or for gift bag tags. You can even use them as cupcake toppers for your Christmas wish list party!
  • Christmas gift tags to print out on cardstock for giftwrapping or as a tag on homemade gift mixes to give to the neighbors.

There are so many creative ways to use the pages in this helpful Christmas gift planner, you’ll love it! Christmas will be a breeze this year!

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