Colorful Campfire Craft for Preschoolers

Are you and your family planning a camping trip soon? Or perhaps you are a preschool teacher who is planning a camping themed unit? Or maybe you are just a parent looking for some engaging camp crafts for your kids on your next camping trip. Then you might like this paper campfire craft. 

Campfire Craft for Preschoolers

This campfire craft idea is perfect for preschoolers because it is easy to do, uses lots of fun colors, and allows them to work on their fine motor skills while painting. Preschoolers are always excited about activities that involve painting! 

You could do this simple paper campfire craft while you are on a camping trip to help keep the kids busy for a minute. If you don’t happen to have a camping trip planned anytime soon, you can also do this campfire arts and craft indoors. 

How to Use This Campfire Craft in the Classroom

If you are a teacher, you can use this campfire craft idea as part of a camping themed lesson plan or unit. This craft would go great with any books about camping that you might be reading in class. Here are some of our favorite camping books for kids.

After your students have completed their campfire crafts, you could display them in the classroom or hallway. This would make a great addition to your camping themed classroom décor!

Ways to Use This Camping Craft At Home

This paper campfire craft is not just for classrooms or preschoolers. Parents or grandparents of toddlers can use this craft to keep the kids busy on a rainy day. Or, if you are planning a camping trip, you could do this craft with your kids before you leave to get them excited about the trip.

Here are a few more camping craft activity ideas:

  • During Fire Safety Week, do this campfire craft as part of a fire safety lesson plan.
  • For a summer birthday party, use this campfire craft as part of the decorations or as a project for the kids to do at the party.
  • If you are a scout leader, use this campfire craft with your troop to teach them about campfire safety.
  • Make a bunch of these paper campfires and turn them into a garland or mobile to hang in your child’s room.
  • Pair the campfire craft with our Fire Station Dramatic Play Set for a fun activity that enhances learning.

How to Make An Easy Camping Craft

This paper campfire craft doesn’t take much advance preparation, and even if the kids are completing it indoors there shouldn’t be much of a mess since you are just using watercolor paints. Before you begin you will need to print a copy of the campfire template for each child who is participating.  

After you have your templates printed out you will need clothespins, watercolor paints in red, yellow, orange, and brown, and pom poms in the same colors. To complete this craft the children will use the pom poms and the clothespins as their paintbrush. This should mean less opportunity for spills, paint covered clothes and hands, and mess in general. 

This campfire craft for preschoolers is a great activity to reinforce color recognition, and as a way for them to practice their fine motor skills. Holding the clothespin and using it as a paintbrush for their pom poms as they decorate their fire painting is a great exercise for little hands and fingers, and it helps to improve hand and eye coordination as well. 

You can lead the children with directions about where to use the red, yellow, and orange paints or you can just allow them to get creative and let their little imaginations go to work. After they are satisfied with their campfires make sure that you hang them up or lay them flat to dry so the paper doesn’t wrinkle as it dries, especially if a few of them use a little more water than necessary. 

Once the campfire preschool craft is complete and dry, you might all like to share a campfire treat like a s’more or trail mix while reading a story around your paper campfires. You could even set up a tent for the kids to play in after the story and snack time is over! Later they can sit around their paper campfires and tell each other stories too! 

Paper Campfire Craft Variations

Pom poms aren’t the only way preschool and toddler kiddos can decorate their bonfire craft. Try a few of these ideas for new looks:

  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils are a quick and easy way to let little ones get creative.
  • Use red, yellow, orange, and brown tissue paper squares to decorate the campfire shape.
  • Preschoolers and toddlers can use their fingers or a cotton swab dipped in paint to make polka dots on their campfires.
  • For a three dimensional look, glue on tiny pieces of, yellow, and orange construction paper.
  • Ink dabbers are another great way to apply paint to the campfire shape.

No matter which style you choose, this campfire craft is very inexpensive to make. It’s all about getting creative and talking to kids about being safe around fires.

Not ready to make this campfire craft? Pin it to your Preschool Crafts or Toddler Crafts Pinterest board so you can find it easily when you need it!

campfire painting craft with pom poms

Preschoolers love camping whether it’s outside or indoors and there are lots of amazing camping themed crafts that they will enjoy as well. That’s how you know that they will love this simple campfire craft idea.

This craft may be easy to put together, but it may keep them occupied a lot longer than you think as they work on their colorful flames. Do your preschoolers like camping themed crafts?

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