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Santa Felt Christmas Cookies DIY

These felt Christmas cookies are a fun and easy way to celebrate the Christmas season. You can make these felt Christmas crafts into decorations for your tree or use them for toddler or preschool pretend play with felt food. they also make an excellent homemade Christmas gift. 

These DIY felt cookies are easy to make with some basic sewing supplies, so don’t feel as though you need to be an expert seamstress to make them. In fact, you can use this stitch together craft as a sewing tutorial for older children. 

How to Make Felt Cookies

To make this Christmas felt craft you will need a few supplies that if you don’t already have, can be easily found at your local craft store, or in the craft aisle of your local big box store.

You will need crafting felt, poly-fill or foam, needle and thread, a fabric pen, scissors, and glue. You will also need a printer to print this Santa felt cookie pattern template and some paper. 

Print the pattern and then cut out your felt pieces. If you are going to use foam to fill your felt cookies instead of poly-fill, you will need to cut your foam pieces out as well.

Once all of your pieces are cut out, you are ready to start constructing your DIY felt crafts. 

Take one cookie piece and put the hat, beard, and fluffy ball where you want them. Use the fabric pen to mark where you want them to go.

Sew on your hat, but don’t sew the bottom of it because it will be under your next piece. Now you are ready to attach the beard using the marks you made above to help center everything on your cookie. 

Once everything is centered and the ball is on Santa’s hat you can use heat to remove the pen markings. Glue Santa’s eyes and nose to the face, and sandwich in the foam (if using) between the front and back of the cookie.

If you aren’t using foam, stuff the cookie with your polyfill.  Use a blanket stitch around the cookie to seal it. If you want your Santa felt cookie to be a Christmas ornament, simply put in a ribbon loop in the top middle section of the hat. 

Do I need a sewing machine to make this craft? 

No, you don’t need a sewing machine to make this simple felt craft. You can make these Christmas felt crafts with a needle and thread if you prefer to sew them by hand. 

What type of felt should I use? 

This craft calls for the use of craft felt which you can find at any craft store, however, sometimes craft felt can fray around the edges when cutting. If you are making this crafty project for kids to play with during pretend play, particularly in a classroom setting where you can use it year after year, you might consider upgrading your felt to wool felt. It’s a little more expensive but it holds up better over time.  

What type of stitch should I use for this craft? 

You can use any type of stitch that you would like for this felt Christmas craft. Typically, a running or backstitch would be used for the top, and a blanket stitch would be used for around the edges and connecting the two panels. If you are teaching your older kids how to sew with this project, it is an opportunity to have them practice a variety of different stitches.  

There you have it, an adorable Christmas felt craft that you can use in a variety of ways this holiday season. These cute felt cookies would look great as DIY ornaments on your Christmas tree this year. They would also make a sweet gift to give to friends or family, or even to your child’s teacher as a Christmas present. You could even include one with a platter of “real” Christmas cookies this holiday season.  

Not only can these felt Santa cookies be used as holiday decorations or gifts, but they are also lots of fun for pretend play for toddlers and preschoolers. Whether you are in a classroom setting or at home preschoolers love to pretend to play with felt food. They can act like they just made up a batch of cookies for Santa in their toy kitchen. 

Make sure that you download this free pattern template so that you can make some felt Christmas cookies this year. No matter how you plan to use them, as ornaments, gifts, or as part of your toddler’s imaginative playtime, this felt craft is fun to make and sure to help put you in a festive mood this holiday season!  

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