Halloween Bat Donuts

Bat donuts are a fun and easy way to show your Halloween spirit! These glazed donut holes are adorable, simple to make, and make such a fun breakfast that the whole family will love!

You can buy pre-made donut holes at the store, or make your own at home. To decorate, simply add some Oreo cookies, two candy eyes and you’re done! They couldn’t be easier to make on a busy morning before school or work.

Package of Oreos, candy eyeballs, tube of icing, and a white bowl with chocolate donut holes in it

Halloween Donuts

These spooky little treats are perfect for any Halloween party or even as a treat during a homeschool lesson about bats in October. And because they are simple to make, the kids will love getting in the kitchen to help make the Halloween donuts.

Whether you prefer Krispy Kreme donut holes or Dunkin donuts, Halloween donuts just taste better when you don’t have to make them yourself.

If you decide you do want to make homemade chocolate donut holes, this air fryer donut hole recipe is a great choice.

So let’s talk turning store bought or homemade donut holes into adorable bat donuts!

How to Make Bat Donuts

  • Chocolate donut holes
  • Oreos
  • Candy eyes
  • Icing
Chocolate donut hole with candy eyes sitting on a white ceramic try
  1. Once you have chosen your favorite chocolate donut holes, split enough Oreo cookies in half to make wings for each bat donut.
  2. Scrape the cream filling from the chocolate wafer cookies, then break the cookie in half to make bat wings.
  3. Place the candy eyes with a little bit of icing onto the donut hole and insert a bat wing on either side of the donut hole making sure not push them in too far. You don’t want to split the donut in half.
  4. Display the tiny bats on a serving tray to serve.
Bat donut holes sitting on a white ceramic tray on top of a folded fall colors plaid dish towel

Halloween Donut Variations

With so many fun Halloween donut ideas out there, you’ll love how easy this one is. You can also make different versions of this sweet breakfast with a few adjustments. Try some of these creative ideas and impress your favorite kiddos.

  • To make pumpkin donuts, simply use traditional donut holes, dip them in orange melted candy wafers, and add a pretzel stem. These are perfect for a fall breakfast or snack.
  • For an extra spooky look, try using red food coloring dripping down the donuts to look like blood. Add the donut hole inside a plastic set of vampire teeth to serve.
  • Another fun idea is to dip the donut hole into green melted candy, add candy eyes, then put a half a pretzel stick on each side to make Frankenstein donuts.
  • These Mickey Mouse spider donuts are too cute to be scary! Talk about an adorable twist on a Halloween classic.
  • If you want to make donut ghosts, simply dip the donut holes into white candy melts, add two dots of black icing for eyes, and let them set. So cute and so easy!

Not ready to make these cute donut holes? Pin it to your Halloween recipes on Pinterest so it’s easy to find when you need it!

Bat donut holes sitting on a white ceramic tray on top of a folded fall colors plaid dish towel

These no-bake bat donuts are perfect for those mornings when you need a quick morning idea. So get creative and celebrate Halloween by turning your breakfast into a fun and festive meal!

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