Magical Harry Potter Wand Craft

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. But this easy Harry Potter wand craft is so good you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. The best part is that this wand is not just a cool decoration, but you can also use it to practice casting spells just like in the movies!

This project is ideal for both young and old Harry Potter fans. It only takes a few simple supplies and a little bit of time to make your very own wand for a birthday party, afternoon craft, or movie night activity.

Harry Potter 101

First let’s talk about who Harry Potter is for anyone who may not be familiar with the popular character.

Harry Potter is a series of seven books written by J.K. Rowling about a young wizard who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, join him on a journey to fight the evil Lord Voldemort.

Throughout the series, Harry learns about magic, friendship, and bravery. He also becomes a powerful wizard in his own right. And as every true fan knows, one of the most important tools in any wizard’s arsenal is their wand.

The series has been made into a popular movie franchise, with the first movie released in 2001. And now, over twenty years later, the Harry Potter craze is still going strong.

What is a Harry Potter Wand and Why Do Wizards Need Them?

A wand is a magical tool that is used to focus and channel the user’s magic. It is an important part of any wizard’s arsenal.

Wizards use their wands to cast spells, which is basically using magic to achieve a desired effect. For example, a spell can be used to make an object move or to create light.

There are many different types of spells, and each one requires a specific wand movement called an incantation. To help you learn some basic wand movements, I’ve included a free wand printable below.

So now that you know a little bit about wands and their importance, let’s get started on making your own!

Making Your Own Harry Potter Wand

Now that you know a little bit about Harry Potter and wands, let’s get started on making your own DIY Harry Potter Wand. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard!

This Harry Potter party craft only takes about 15 minutes to make and only needs a few Harry Potter craft supplies.


You will need:

  • Disposable Wooden Chopsticks – surely we’re not the only ones who have a stash of these? If you need some, grab a set of 40 pairs of chopsticks here.
  • Fine grit sandpaper – sanding sponges can be used if you prefer for a project like this. I used these sand sponges. I love having them on hand for craft projects and each side has a different grit which is awesome.
  • Glue gun – Use a cool temp glue gun to avoid burnt fingers (kids and adults)
  • Glue sticks
  • Paintbrushes or painting sponges – I love using painting sponges because they are cheap (10/$1) and can be thrown out when the kids don’t rinse them out or care for them properly.
  • Acrylic craft paints – You’ll need various neutral tones like tan, black, and gray. Choose one light and one dark tone for each color.


Step One

Gather all of your supplies. If your HP fan wants different color wands, you’ll want to have those paint colors on hand as well.

Remove the wooden chopsticks from their paper wrapper and separate the chopsticks carefully. Sand any rough edges with your sandpaper to avoid splinters

Step Two

Using a glue gun and glue sticks, create a pattern with the glue wrapping it around the larger end of the wooden chopstick.

Rotate the chopstick slowly as the glue sets up to make sure the glue stays put.

Repeat the process to layer the glue and make patterns to create a chunky handle. The best part about this craft is that each wand is unique just like the person who is using the Harry Potter wand.

Step Three

Paint each wand with a layer of brown, grey, or black acrylic craft paint to make a base coat. If you’re using other paint colors, choose the darker shades.

When you’re painting your wand, make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the glue design. Let the first coat dry and apply a second coat, if needed.

Set aside on a paper plate or sheet of wax paper to dry completely.

Step Four

Gently tap a dry brush with the lighter color paint, making sure to only get a tiny bit of pain on the brush. Tap off excess if needed.

Use a dry brush method to add a small amount of the light color to your wand. To do this, dip just the tip of the bristles (or sponge brush)of a clean paint brush into the acrylic craft paint.

Lightly brush or tap the accent color onto the wand, hitting only the raised glue areas. This will highlight the wand design and give it depth.

Optional: You can seal the wands with a spray-on clear sealer or brush on some Mod Podge to give your wands a bit more durability and shine. If you chose the spray sealer, make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area or outside.

Harry Potter Wand Craft by Then It Dawned On Me

Step Five

While your Harry Potter wands are drying, download the PDF of the Wizard’s Guide to Wand Motions and print the page out on printer page or a sheet of cardstock for more durability.

Harry Potter Party Craft

This Harry Potter Wand Craft is the perfect Harry Potter party craft! It’s simple, doesn’t take a lot of time, and can be done with supplies you likely already have around your house.

Your guests will love their DIY Harry Potter Wands and they make great party favors too! Just add a tag that says “The wand chooses the wizard” and roll up a copy of the Harry Potter printable “Beginner’s Guide to Wand Motions” and tie a string around it.

If you’re looking for more Harry Potter craft ideas, you’ll love this Harry Potter Tie Craft too! They make great bookmarks for young readers and can also be added to a HP themed party or goodie bag.

And don’t forget to get all of my Harry Potter Party Ideas to make your next party magical!

Harry Potter crafts are all the rage, and this Harry Potter Wand craft is a perfect way to get in on the fun.

Whether you’re throwing a Harry Potter party or just want to have some fun with the kids, this is a great project that everyone can enjoy.

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Harry Potter Wand Craft by Then It Dawned On Me

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