Tear & Glue Rainbow Craft for Kids

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft for kids—one that doesn’t take a lot of setting up and advanced preparation? Then you might enjoy this simple tear and glue rainbow craft for kids. This is a perfect preschool craft activity that will entertain little ones with this rainbow art for toddlers. 

You could use this rainbow activity as a St. Patrick’s day rainbow craft or as a letter R craft when teaching about the alphabet. You could do this art project at home or in a classroom setting with a group of preschoolers or kindergartners. 

Rainbow Craft for Kids Supplies

To make your R is for rainbow craft, you will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper. You will also need glue sticks, white cardstock, child safety scissors, and a black permanent marker for the toddler and kindergarten rainbow art.

You will need a piece of card stock, scissors, construction paper, and a glue stick for each child who is participating. If you don’t want them to use scissors for this project you can have them tear the pieces of construction paper instead. Either way, you have them do it, the children will be practicing their fine motor skills with this project.

Rainbow Craft for Kids Art Project

Use this rainbow craft to encourage preschoolers to get creative with fun rainbow ideas that are entertaining for a spring art project. 


  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper 
  • Kid scissors 
  • Glue stick
  • White card stock 
  • Permanent marker 


Draw out a rainbow with two clouds on the white card stock using a black sharpie or a pencil if you have an older child.

Cut up small squares of each of the colored paper or construction paper, or let children tear the pieces. If you are working on cutting skills, this is a great opportunity to let preschoolers practice.

Kids can use a glue stick to stick on each of the colored paper squares onto the rainbow. 

Preschool Rainbow Craft Variations

To turn this into more of a sensory art project, have the children glue cotton balls to the clouds on this simple rainbow. You can have them glue the cotton balls down whole, or you can have them spread them out and glue them down for a wispy effect. 

Another variation to this fun rainbow project is to use tissue paper torn into pieces or crumbled up into balls to decorate the rainbow with and glued onto the rainbow. 

For a final variation of this rainbow art for toddlers, you can use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple pom poms to color in the rainbow. 

When it comes to kindergartners and preschoolers, simple projects are usually the ones that they enjoy the most, and this craft is no different. Don’t be surprised if they ask to make these colorful rainbows again and again. 

Once the rainbows are complete you can display them around the classroom or around your home for decorations. Rainbow activities for preschoolers give you the chance to teach them about a lot of different things. 

For example, not only can you use rainbows as part of a letter R unit, but you can also use them to teach about colors, patterns, and color mixing. You can use the acronym ROY G BIV to teach them about which order the colors of the rainbow are displayed. 


There are so many rainbow activities for preschoolers that you can do in the classroom or at home and this is one of many that you might add to your list. Your preschoolers and kindergartners are sure to love this fun and easy craft project.

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