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Free Printable Shark Masks

Kids love dramatic play and dress-up, so it’s no surprise that they’ll love these shark masks. This printable shark template can be used in so many ways. Whether you need an ocean craft for the kids, as a creative activity that’s part of a theme unit, or as decorations for a summer pool party, these preschool shark masks will be a hit!

Printable Shark Mask Template

This printable shark template has ten different sharks that you can choose from to make your masks. From the scary great white shark to a shark with a funny name, the cookiecutter shark there’s plenty for each child to make a mask for a different shark!

Each template has a spot to cut out for your little one’s eyes so they won’t be running into everything or each other. No one needs an injured shark… am I right?

How to Use Shark Masks

There are so many creative ways to use this paper shark craft. Here are a few ideas you’ll love all year long!

  • Use the shark masks as a storytelling prop to act out a play, book, or song (Oh, you know the one… Baby Shark on repeat).
  • They would be a perfect preschool craft if you are working on an ocean-themed unit or a unit about sharks themselves.
  • Make them a station for an activity at a birthday party.
  • While the shark mask templates are designed to be used as masks, you can also print them out as a shark outline or shark template for other crafts to go with your theme. 
  • They make the perfect “costumes” if you were to put on a shark-themed play or skit.
  • They are also just lots of fun for the kids to run around the house with, pretending to be sharks eating everything in sight. Clean up game, anyone?

Shark Birthday Party Ideas

For example, if you are having a shark-themed party, print off enough printable shark templates for each child to color and design their own masks, but print some extras that you can hang up or place on the table for a simple, fun, and inexpensive party decoration. 

Those that are simply being used for decorations can be printed out on regular printer paper, but for the ones that will be turned into masks, you may want to use something sturdier like card stock.

Card stock is about the thickness of poster board, but it can still go through your printer easily for the shark template. The card stock will hold up better for kids who actually want to turn their shark picture into a wearable mask.  

You don’t have to have a special occasion to use these shark pictures for kids. You could just print them off for a fun craft activity around the house. 

With these printable shark masks, your child can be any type of shark they want to be! Great white, hammerhead, tiger, or even a baby shark… the choice is theirs. And you can use them for so many different things beyond just a mask.

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How to Make Printable Shark Masks

Making these printable shark masks is really easy to do. You can find the full instructions and materials needed for this project on the website, but here is a quick overview.

1. Download and print out the shark template of your choice on cardstock

2. Cut out the individual sharks

3. Carefully cut out the eyeholes

4. Decorate the sharks however you want

5. Attach a string or elastic band to the sides of the mask so it will stay on your child’s face

Let your child’s imagination run wild with these fun printables.

Once your shark kids are ready you could watch an ocean or shark-themed kids movie like Shark Tales, Finding Nemo, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, or The Little Mermaid. While enjoying the movie they might also like a themed snack like this Shark Ice Cream or Shark Cookies. These Goldfish treats probably look like pretty tasty snacks to sharks too! 

No matter how you decide to use these printable shark templates, your kids are sure to have a blast with them. Let them decorate them however they like, and wear them if they want. Just watch out, you don’t want to be surprised by a shark attack! 

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