Easily Teach Sign Language Numbers 0-10

Easily Teach Sign Language Numbers by Then It Dawned on Me

When it comes to learning a second language, kids have a better chance of success if they start early. Teaching kids the basics is a great way to get started with a second language. Learning how to use sign language numbers in daily life is a the perfect place to start with ASL for your family.

Numbers are used so frequently in everyday life that just about everyone can benefit from learning how to do numbers in sign language. In this blog post we’re going to discuss how to easily teach children (and yourself!) ASL numbers from zero to ten.

How to Teach Sign Language Numbers

To get started, here are a few simple steps to teach numbers in sign language.

Start early- The younger the child is, the easier it’ll be for them to learn. Also, kids can grasp new information and concepts much better before they enter puberty.

Be patient- Teaching sign language numbers may not happen quickly. Your child will need time to practice and work through the numbers. Don’t let them get discouraged if it takes a while, with practice they’ll get it!

Make learning numbers in sign language fun- Use games and visuals to make learning sign language easy and enjoyable.

Teach one number at a time- Don’t rush through the process. Spend lots of time on each number so that the information sticks in your student’s mind. Let them practice and get comfortable with each number before moving on to the next.

Be consistent- Be sure to practice ASL numbers everyday, and use the same signs every time. Repetition is key! Plus, making it a habit will help your child retain the information even longer.

Practice finger spelling- Finger spelling is a great way to get your child familiar with ASL. It can also be used for numbers. Check out this fingerspelling number signs book here to complement your sign language numbers pdf.

Easily Teach Sign Language Numbers by Then It Dawned on Me

Easy Ways to Practice Counting From 0-10 in Sign Language

  1. When numbers come up in natural conversation, ask your child to communicate the number with sign language. Questions like, “How many slices of orange would you like? 2 or 3?” is an easy way to practice numbers in sign language.
  2. Another way to practice sign language number is by using visuals. Draw 0-10 on a white board and have your child point to the correct number when sign the number.
  3. When your child is practicing math or counting, encourage your kids to give answers by using numbers in ASL.
  4. Use the printable sign language numbers to practice your hand signals, trace the numbers, and write them out.

ASL Number Packet Activities

To help your child practice and learn ASL numbers from 0-10, I’ve put together this printable PDF. Each page features on number with a detailed photo of how to handspell the number, a numeral with directive arrows for tracing with your index finger, and a handwriting section for spelling out the number.

There are countless ways to use the printable numbers set to learn numbers in sign language. Not only will your children learn how to sign, but you may pick up a few too as you practice with the kids.

Try these:

  • Print out the ASL numbers on computer paper to use the numbers in ASL as worksheets. Kids can color and trace the numbers to help them learn how to form each one.
  • Use cardstock to make number flashcards and reusable games from the numbers 0-10.
  • Hang a ribbon or string on the wall with clothespins and ask your child to hang the numbers in order.
  • Print out several copies and cut the sections apart. Have your child match the ASL signs and written numerals together.
  • Make a memory game by printing a set and cutting the three areas into squares. Place the numbers and ASL numbers face down and take turns picking cards then finding the matches.

Remember, consistently working just a few minutes a day will make a huge difference in your kids’ learning and retention. Knowing how your child learns best will help you find what works for them and their learning styles.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article on how to easily teach sign language numbers 0-10! I hope that it has been helpful and that your family enjoys using these printable resources for learning a new language. Happy learning!

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