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Snowman Christmas Brownies

These adorable snowman Christmas brownies are easy to make and super cute too. They are perfect for any holiday party, a sweet treat after school, or even for a dessert, which the kids can put together on Christmas day as a fun activity with the family.

All you need to make these snowman brownies are a box of brownie mix, some vanilla frosting, and some food coloring.

Snowman Christmas Brownies by Then It Dawned On Me

How to Make Snowman Christmas Brownies

These Christmas brownies use a boxed brownie mix, making them quick and easy to make. They are also budget-friendly which we love. Just grab your favorite brownie mix and white frosting. I used white frosting, but I really think a cream cheese frosting would be delicious!

As far as decorating the snowman’s face you can use food coloring, chocolate chips, a tiny slice of carrot, or even a slice of orange candy. No matter what you use, they are sure to be almost too cute to eat!

Snowman Christmas Brownies by Then It Dawned On Me

These delicious brownies are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you make them!

Christmas Brownie Ideas

Snowman Brownies

How to decorate brownies depends on what the occasion/event is. If you’re planning a kids’ classroom party, it would be fun to cut the snowman brownie circle out, then use small plastic cups to separate out eye candies, a candy carrot, and mini chocolate chips for the mouth.

Snowman Christmas Brownies by Then It Dawned On Me

Christmas Tree Brownies

A Christmas party with friends would be great to make Christmas tree brownies with green icing, and red hots for ornaments. To make them even more unique, make your brownies with peppermint frosting.

The green tree color is the perfect color for mint and the chocolate brownie and mint flavors will work well together.

Snowman Christmas Brownies by Then It Dawned On Me

Reindeer Brownies

For a holiday dessert buffet at the office make reindeer brownies, using the decorating idea from these Reindeer Treats to make adorable Prancer, Vixen, and of course Rudolph reindeer brownies.

You’ll need small pretzels and the round cookie cutter, along with regular and mini chocolate chips and red hots.

Get creative and look at what kind of holiday cookie cutters you have like a snowman or Santa to make a tray of delicious and cute holiday designs.

Now you have cute and delicious snowman Christmas brownies to share with your family and friends. This would make a great gift, and would also look adorable on a serving platter at a party.

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Snowman Christmas Brownies

Snowman Christmas Brownies

These adorable snowman Christmas brownies are easy to make and are perfect for any holiday party or as a sweet treat after school!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 1 box Brownie mix, prepared
  • 1 tub Vanilla frosting
  • Food coloring, black
  • Food coloring, orange
  • 2 Pastry bags
  • Circle cookie cutter


  1. Prepare and bake the brownies as instructed on the box.
  2. While the brownies are still warm, use the cookie cutter to cut circles out, wasting as little as possible.
  3. Place the circle brownies on a cutting board or cookie sheet. Let cool.
  4. While the brownies cool, mix ¼ cup of frosting and add 3 drops of orange food coloring in a small bowl, then place the orange frosting in a pastry bag. 
  5. Take ¼ cup of vanilla frosting and 5 drops black food coloring in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Place in a pastry bag. 
  6. Cut a small corner out of the tip of each of the pastry bags. 
  7. Frost the tops of the brownies with white frosting, covering completely. 
  8. Use black icing to pipe two eyes and several small dots to create a mouth. 
  9. Then take orange icing and pipe a small line to resemble a carrot nose. 
  10. Repeat with each snowman brownie.
  11. Serve & enjoy!

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