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St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Are you looking for a fun St. Patrick’s day craft that you can make at home? This rainbow shamrock sign is a colorful and simple craft that you can make with craft supplies from your local dollar store.

Once this rainbow shamrock craft is completed they can hang it on their bedroom door. You could even hang one on your front door to help decorate in honor of this lucky holiday.

St Patrick's Day Craft by Then It Dawned on Me

Why is the Shamrock Associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

The shamrock, or four leaf clover, is first and foremost associated with St. Patrick’s Day because it is a widely accepted symbol of Ireland and Irish culture.

The legend of the shamrock is also that finding a shamrock with four leaves is said to bring you good luck in all areas of your life, ward off bad spirits and offer protection.

St. Patrick and his work also helped popularize celebrating this holiday, by using it as a teaching tool for children. The three leaflets on the top resemble the father, son and holy ghost, which helps reinforce one of Patrick’s major themes during his ministry.

St Patrick's Day Craft by Then It Dawned on Me

How to Make a St. Patrick’s Day craft Shamrock Sign

This festive sign features both the lucky St. Patrick’s Day rainbow and St. Patrick’s Day shamrock that are often associated with the Irish holiday.

Older children can make this craft on their own with no supervision, but younger children who want to make this rainbow shamrock craft will need some help when it comes to cutting the shamrock with scissors, and using the hot glue gun to keep the sign together.

The great thing about this rainbow shamrock craft is that you can leave it up as a decoration for spring, and not just for St. Patrick’s day. Green shamrocks and rainbows are the colors of spring after all.

This St. Patrick’s Day craft calls for using rainbow colored craft sticks, which you can likely find at your craft store, but if you can’t OR you already have a bunch of plain craft sticks you could allow your children to paint the sticks in rainbow colors, or use markers to color the sticks in rainbow colors.

Here are the supplies and directions that you will need to make this adorable St. Patrick’s Day rainbow signs:

Craft Supplies

  • Colored craft sticks, 14 for each sign
  • Buttons – Assorted green shades
  • Black and white baker’s twine
  • Felt craft sheets – in these colors: Neon Green, Apple Green, Kelly Green, Pirate Green
  • Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Straight Pins or Black Marker
  • Rainbow and Shamrock Patterns
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


Step One – To get started, place 12 craft sticks in rainbow colored order on your work surface.

Step Two – The popsicle sticks should be as pictured with red being the first and last color. Purple will be in the middle of the sign. If you prefer, you can start with purple making red the middle craft stick.

Step Three – Using the hot glue, attach two craft sticks to the back, running the opposite way to make the sign stable.

Step Four – Download the PDF here, then print and cut out the different sized shamrock sign patterns.

Step Five – Attach patterns to different color green felt pieces with straight pins and cut out the shape with scissors. If you’re crafting with younger kids, trace the shamrock patterns onto the felt with a black marker, and then cut out inside the traced line.

Step Six – Glue the largest shamrock to the rainbow craft stick sign using your low temp glue gun. Smoosh down the center of the felt shamrock with your fingers before the glue sets to create a 3D affect.

Step Seven – Repeat the process with the smaller shamrock, layering it on top of the larger shamrock.

Step Eight – Tie the baker’s twine into a bow and attach it to the center of the felt shamrocks with your hot glue gun.

Step Nine – Pick out a decorative green button and glue it to the center of the bow. You can also use beads, pom poms, or some gold glitter to dress up the sign if you’d prefer.

Step Ten – Measure and cut 12” long section of baker’s twine to create a hanger and tie a small knot in each end to keep the string from fraying

Step Eleven – Flip the sign over and attach the hanger to the top right and top left-hand side of the sign with your hot glue gun.

It’s that simple! Now that your rainbow shamrock sign is complete, hang it on the fridge, set it in the center of the table or add it to your child’s bedroom door for a special decoration to celebrate spring and the holiday.

This simple, but beautiful St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids is a fun way for you to celebrate the St. Patrick’s day holidays with your family this year. Place your signs around your home to bring a little luck of the Irish, or maybe even attract a leprechaun with his pot of gold!

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