Printable Playset: Veterinarian for Kids

Encourage Creativity with a Printable Veterinarian Playset by Then It Dawned on Me

Encourage creative play with a printable veterinarian playset for kids that’s filled with so many fun-to-use forms and color sheets for pet-loving kids. The 18 page printable activity set will have your kiddos pretending to give vaccinations, checking vital signs, running lab tests and more. Taking care of animals is all in a day’s work for a young vet!

Why We Love This Veterinarian Playset

The best part of this pet clinic set is that your kids can use their vivid imaginations to make up any animal doctor scenario they can think of! Wrap a bandage around a paw, record kitty’s temperature, give pet owner’s a diagnosis and instructions for follow up care for their dog. Your little doctor will be trained in no time!

As an added bonus, there are fill-in forms to keep track of all their patients’ information. This can help them create stories to act out scenarios or even inspire learning.

What Can This Pet Doctor Playset Do For My Kid?

Fun exploratory activities for children who love playing like they are a pet doctor is very important especially when they have a furry family member.

The veterinarian playset is perfect for children who want to help take care of a pet and learn more about animal doctoring. The printable activity set includes 18 pages that are filled with veterinarian forms, sheets, and checklists, and coloring pages.

The play veterinarian set can help children with the following:

Creative Play – Kids will enjoy pretending to be a veterinarian and caring for different types of animals. This type of play allows children to use their imaginations and come up with creative stories.

Math Skills – Keeping track of patient information requires math skills, such as adding, subtracting, and more.

Science Skills – Learning about animal doctoring requires understanding scientific concepts such as taking temperatures and diagnosing illnesses.

Reading and Writing Skills – Reading veterinarian instructions and filling out patient forms help with reading skills, while writing skills are developed when kids write down their own stories about being a veterinarian.

The veterinarian play set is perfect for any child who loves animals and wants to learn more about being a doctor. So encourage your little one’s love of animals and grab the veterinarian play set today!

With just a few simple steps, children can have fun pretending to diagnose pets with this printable veterinary play set.

Veterinarian Playset Homeschool Ideas

This play set can be used for various homeschooling activities. The download includes many pages that can be used for simple lessons in many subjects.

For example, if your child is learning about different pets, you can have them complete the following activities from the play set:

  • Follow directions to make a bandage for a pretend pet or stuffed animal
  • Complete a chart of different pet characteristics
  • Label a pet picture with different body parts
  • Write a story about their favorite pet
  • Make a vet clinic sign with their name on it
  • Decide pricing for different treatments and practice using money to solve math problems.

The possibilities are really endless. Have fun and let your child’s imagination run wild!

Classroom Teaching Suggestions

If you’re using this PDF in your classroom, print the sheets on cardstock so they will be easier to use and cut without tearing or fraying. Encourage your kids to pretend play with their pet friends using the included forms and instructions.

You can also print a set for each child to use with a clipboard or file folder like a real vet!

Veterinarian Books for Kids

Books are a wonderful way to help your child get an idea of what it’s like to be a veterinarian. Here are some of our favorite books about vets for kids that you can use to set up a unit study at home or in the classroom.

Vet Academy: Are You Ready for The Challenge? by Steve Martin – Filled with interesting activities, kids can learn what it takes to be a veterinarian for all kinds of animals. Explore the difference between a pet, zoo, and farm vet along with learning a dog’s body language.

Lissette The Vet by Ruth MacPete, DVM – Written by a real life veterinarian, this book takes you on an adventure as Lissette meets her new class pet. Lissette loves animals, but this new one isn’t what she expected at all.

Veterinarian Anatomy Coloring Book by Summer Sparks – This coloring book contains detailed pictures of animal bodies for kids to color. Each page covers the different parts of 40 animals with lead lines so you can identify different animals’ anatomy.

This book is a great way to supplement your older child’s learning about veterinarian jobs.

A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian by Heather Adamson – This book great book for 6-8 year olds to introduce to veterinarians and what they do. Younger animal lovers will enjoy the step-by-step story and photographs about a day in the life of a vet.

Pet Vet Activity Book for Kids by – Perfect for kids that are 2- 5 years old, this activity book is filled with hours of enjoyment for any pet-loving child. Whether you have animals in the home or love to take care of their own stuffed animals, your child will enjoy these medical activities.

Printable Veterinarian Playset for Kids Set

This 18 page set includes fun to use pages like:

  • Vet Clinic Check-In Sheet
  • Veterinary Exam Form
  • Veterinarian Visit Notes
  • Home Treatment Instructions
  • Pet Clinic Invoice
  • 13 Pet Coloring Pages

This printable veterinary play set can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but is best for children in preschool through grade school.

Whether you’re using the veterinarian kit for kids to keep your children busy, teach a lesson on caring for pets, or have a child who loves to play this set is a great way to spark some learning and creative play.

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Encourage Creativity with a Printable Veterinarian Playset by Then It Dawned on Me

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