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Make a Splash with These Adorable Whale Crafts for Preschoolers: Fun Projects to Spark Imagination

Looking for an easy craft that’s a fun and educational activity to do with your preschooler? Why not dive into the world of whale crafts! These engaging and playful projects are not only enjoyable, but they also provide an opportunity for children to learn more about these magnificent marine mammals.

Whether you’re looking for a simple paper craft or a more involved sensory activity, there are plenty of options out there that will keep your little ones entertained while also stimulating their creativity and curiosity. So let’s explore some exciting whale-themed craft ideas that are perfect for preschoolers!

Ocean Animal Crafts

Preschoolers can explore the mighty ocean with a whale craft! Use it as part of an ocean-themed unit, to teach them about summer with an ocean animal craft or even a killer whale craft as a letter W craft.

For Sunday school lessons, why not use this fun activity to tell the story of Jonah and his epic journey in the belly of the whale. Hands-on activities like this is a great way to introduce important bible verses.

These fascinating animals make diving into the deep blue sea with whale art projects easy! Use these easy whale crafts as educational activities lesson plan or just for fun kids activities at home. Here are some of our favorite ocean theme crafts that kids of all ages will love to make!

Paper Plate Whale Craft

You are going to love this adorably simple paper plate whale craft! All you need is paper plates, blue paint, blue paper, googly eyes, and a few common items for ocean crafts. Paper plate crafts are always a bit hit with kids and this paper whale craft is no exception.

Have your kids paint the paper plate and after it dries cut part of it off for the tail, add a piece of blue paper for the blowhole, glue on the googly eye, and use the marker for details like a mouth. 

Easy Paper Whale Template Craft

For this easy whale craft, you will need to download and print the free template. Cut the whale pattern out of white cardstock and have your preschooler paint the whale. Use cotton swabs and paint to give your whale’s tail a bit of color and glue on a googly eye. The printable template makes this project super quick and easy

Paper Bag Whale Craft Puppet

Preschoolers love being able to use their imaginations to put on a puppet show, so you know that they are going to have a lot of fun with these paper bag whale puppets. You will need enough paper bags for each child to make a puppet of their own. You will also need card stock or construction paper, scissors, markers, and glue. 

Egg Carton Whale Craft

A few simple materials are all you need to make this egg carton whale craft. You will need an egg carton, blue paint, a paintbrush, light blue card stock, blue pipe cleaners, a black marker, googly eyes, and glue.

These egg carton whales are simple to make and will look cute around your classroom or home. Let the kids use them to act out their favorite whale storybook!

Cupcake Liner Whale Craft

This cute whale craft is a quick and easy but fun art project that the kids will love. You will need blue cupcake liners, white paper, blue construction paper, googly eyes, blue glitter glue, glue, and a black permanent marker.

Have your child draw some squiggly blue lines on the white paper for ocean waves. Cut the cupcake line and glue your whale onto the paper. Use the blue glitter glue for water coming out of the blowhole, glue on a google eye, use the marker for a mouth, and your cupcake liner whale is complete! 

Whale Books

Add a book to the experience to make the fun whale crafts into a mini ocean study unit. There are so many whale books with interesting facts that kids will love. Whether you choose a board book for young children or a book that includes different whale species for older children, books are a great addition.

Get creative with your kiddos and use some household staples to make exciting whale crafts! From book companions to themed units, there’s no better way for kids of all ages learn about these fascinating creatures than by taking part in a fun crafting project.

Explore the depths below—all while deepening their knowledge on whales through exploration.

Do you have a favorite whale craft or an interesting fact about whales? Share them in the comments!

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